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Do you require support for an ongoing illness, health condition or disease?

Do you want to determine the root cause of why you're experiencing certain symptoms?

Do you feel constantly fatigued, stressed and anxious or want to address a specific concern you have related to your gut health, hormone levels or skin?

Better health begins here.

nutritional therapy 
nutrition nutritionist 

Xuxa Milrose (DipCNM, mBANT, rCNHC, mANP) is a fully registered and accredited Nutritional Therapist with a particular interest in the connection between the brain and the gut and how food can be used to support mental health and wellbeing.


Xuxa's goal is to help her clients find an enjoyable and sustainable way of eating that can support specific concerns as well as encourage long-term health.

Nutrition doesn’t just impact our physical health but it's also inextricably linked to our mental health and emotional and social wellbeing. The choices we make and the habits we forge around food as well as our exercise and sleep routines, stress management and social lives play an integral role in our overall state of health. 


Nutritional Therapists look at how the body and its systems work together as a whole, whilst treating the client as an individual. Nutritional Therapists can help determine the underlying root causes and predisposing factors of illness, which may be exacerbating poor health leading to both visible and invisible symptoms. 

The relationship between your brain and your gut is profound.

Signals between your brain and your gut travel in both directions meaning that they are in constant chemical communication.

Behind the scenes of the gut-brain connection is an impressive collection of microorganisms that live in your gut. This is known as the microbiome, and it is made up of ‘good’ bacteria, who perform tasks for us that we simply cannot do ourselves. Everyone has a completely different and unique microbiome, which is originally determined by DNA.


Your gut bacteria have such a significant influence on mental function as they are responsible for making many of our brain chemicals. If sufficient and well-functioning gut bacteria are not present, our mood, memory and attention span are all negatively impacted.

Our brains do not function in isolation and in the way that dietary deficiencies can cause physical illness, they can also impair psychological function too. 



“Xuxa couldn’t have been more thorough and attentive as a practitioner.
I felt truly listened to and the plan she devised for me really targeted the issues I came to her needing help with.  
I even felt improvements in areas I hadn’t expected to see improvements in!  
I already feel so much better as well as really supported”


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