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About Xuxa

I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist with The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).

I work with clients on a 1:1 basis, both in private clinics across London and online. 

I have a particular interest in the complex and intimate relationship between the brain and the gut and how food plays an incredible role in the development, management and potential prevention of both mental health issues as well as adverse physical symptoms and disease.


I focus on using evidence-based and science-driven research to educate my clients and support them in their journey to optimise both their nutritional status, sense of wellbeing and to feel empowered by their food choices. My philosophy is that eating well shouldn't be time consuming, intimidating or elitist and should always be accessible and relevant. feedHappy endeavours to provide equality across services of care to everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Navigating the minefield of nutrition can be daunting and the lack of time or energy to focus on ourselves and what we’re eating can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, especially when also trying to manage chronic illness or overall poor health. In a time where we are inundated with wellness fads, marketing ploys and nutritional misinformation, I created feedHappy to help my clients cut through the food confusion.

Whilst the notion of feeding yourself happy may seem somewhat of an oversimplification, taking the steps to achieve a small victory such as eating the foods that serve you best will go a long way in helping to form sustainable and beneficial lifelong habits, a healthier relationship with food and the ability to function optimally, both physically and mentally.

Why might someone see a

Nutritional Therapist?

There are many reasons one may seek help from a Nutritional Therapist, and as the client is treated as an individual, it can be effective and beneficial in a plethora of circumstances:

  • Help is needed in determining and addressing the underlying factors and root cause of disease which have led to specific symptom expression.

  • Support is required for ongoing health issues, chronic conditions or illnesses e.g. diabetes, eczema, PCOS or autoimmune diseases. 

  • To address a specific problem you have related to your digestive, hormonal, skin, joint or heart health. 

  • To learn how to decrease stress levels and improve fatigue or low mood.

  • In order to implement healthier nutrition and lifestyle practices either for weight management or simply to improve your relationship with food. 

  • To achieve optimal health or to take a preventative approach to illness and disease. 


If any of the below sounds familiar, Nutritional Therapy could help

  • You feel constantly stressed, anxious or you suffer from depression

  • You experience fatigue, afternoon slumps or mood swings

  • You suffer with persistent headaches or migraines

  • You find it hard to get a good night's sleep or experience insomnia

  • You have digestive issues such as IBS, IBD, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea or acid reflux

  • You suspect you may have an allergy or intolerance, or have been diagnosed with one and need help managing the symptoms​

  • You have joint pain, high cholesterol or want to discuss fertility​

  • You have poor immunity and suffer with frequent infections e.g. persistent thrush, tonsillitis or  conjunctivitis.

“I came to see Xuxa as I was suffering with fatigue, low moods and persistent bloating.
I have been working with Xuxa for 5 weeks and have already seen such an improvement.
My energy levels and mood have improved dramatically, and she has really helped me to understand what I eat and my habits around food affect how I feel and vice versa.
She also really took my lifestyle and personal situation into consideration when it came to my plan and I now feel so much more in control”

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