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Xuxa offers bespoke workplace wellness programmes and wellbeing sessions, both online and in-person, designed around you and your team's needs.

A healthy team is a happy and productive team, but with hybrid working, job security worries and the pressure to out-perform, the lines between the work/life balance have never been so blurred.

The onus is firmly on the employers to ensure that their staff are taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, both at work and out of hours.

I provide education in the form of informative and engaging workshops, talks, consultancy and take-home material focusing on the impact of nutrition and why it is as important to mental health as it is to physical health. Nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices are essential for protecting our emotional and cognitive health as well as managing conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and burnout.

The benefits of implementing nutrition-centred corporate wellness programmes:


  • Healthier and happier teams, leading to increased mood and boosted morale

  • Support to build lasting self-care habits, reducing employee absence

  • Improved employee resilience in terms of stress management and workload competence

  • Increased engagement, productivity, longevity and employee loyalty

  • Mental, physical and emotional health support aimed at helping to reduce the factors contributing to chronic disease and the toll it takes on the workplace

  • Unique and attractive selling point for prospective employees

  • Valued work perk for current employees

How we work together is completely bespoke. The services I can provide your company will depend entirely on the needs of your team – which is something I can also help you determine, building a personalised wellness offering aimed at supporting your specific working conditions and employee needs.


The corporate offerings below will give you an idea on how we can work together.


Hands-on Sessions


In these 45-60 minute talks I discuss nutrition and the role it plays in physical, mental and emotional health and contributing factors to work performance and general health within the workplace as well as outside.


Relevant topics covered include:


  • Food, mood and mental health

  • Eating for mental and physical energy

  • The long-term health implications of chronic stress

  • Managing work life balance and avoiding burnout

  • Breathing, mindfulness and meditation practices



This format is flexible, with the sessions working as stand-alone topics or as part of a full series of talks. 

One-to-One Nutritional Therapy Sessions


These private consultations are a 60-minute session dedicated to your employee.

Your employee may wish to address a specific concern they have related to digestion, mental health, hormone levels, fatigue or anxiety via nutritional therapy. 

The session will involve establishing your employee’s health goals and priorities before delving deep into their full health history – elaborating on all medical and lifestyle factors e.g. food and dietary habits, sleep schedule, movement and exercise routines, social life and approach to dealing with stress.


A detailed nutritional and lifestyle programme is delivered to them after the session. Typically, I work with clients for a pre-determined number of follow-up appointments which are 45-minutes long and track the progress they have made whilst following the nutrition and lifestyle plan.

The number of follow-up sessions will differ depending on their specific goals, concerns, and if what we are focusing on is a chronic health condition.


Cafeteria and Catering Consultancy


This is where I provide consultation on workplace canteen and café food, as well as advise on off-site catering and staff events where food is provided.

You need to ensure that the food you’re serving your employees is nutritionally balanced, in line with the latest evidence in nutrition.

All dietary needs must also be catered for with sufficient options, taking into consideration religious and ethical food choices as well as allergies and intolerances.

For corporate enquiries, get in touch here, or email Xuxa directly -

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