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Nutritional Therapy, Nutritionist, feedHappy

Consultations can be purchased individually
or as part of a package.  
If you need help deciding which package is right for you, please get in touch.

Complimentary Discovery Call

1 x FREE 20-minute phone call

This informal chat will help you to understand how we can work together to achieve any health goals you have and address any symptoms you may be experiencing.


For new clients only

The Extensive Package

Ideal for those who have chronic or more complex conditions where extra support is required or for those who wish to completely overhaul their diet and lifestyle.


1 x 60-90-minute Initial Consultation

1 x 30-minute Feedback and Programme Delivery appointment 24-48 hours after initial consultation

4 x 45-minute Follow-up Consultations


*The first follow-up would take place

6-8 weeks after the initial consultation with the remaining 3 follow-ups taking place according to your individual needs thereafter.



The Essential Package

Ideal for those who want to focus on managing specific symptoms that have either started recently, or that have been ongoing for a significant period of time.


1 x 60-90-minute Initial Consultation


1 x 30-minute feedback and programme delivery appointment 24-48 hours after the initial consultation

2 x 45-minute Follow-up Consultations


Extra Support Add-on

The changes recommended to you will be part of a journey which may require you to adapt to a new, and perhaps unfamiliar lifestyle whilst navigating breaking well-established and engrained habits and behaviours.

Therefore, if you feel you would like to have additional support, supplemental add-on calls lasting up to 30 minutes can be arranged for the time between your initial and follow-up consultations.


£75 for a 45-minute Zoom

“Working with Xuxa gave me invaluable insight into my personal health and nutritional needs.
After an initial consultation, Xuxa created a plan tailored to me and centred around my health goals and concerns. I found her recommendations easy to follow and have experienced a noticeable change in both my energy levels and quality of sleep, which were my main issues. From the first consultation all the way to my follow-up 8 weeks later, Xuxa was kind and patient. She made sure I was getting the best out of my nutrition, sleep and overall health.
I’m so pleased I took the time to consult with her and wish I made some of the changes sooner!”

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