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Consultations with Xuxa can take place either in-person in clinic spaces across London or virtually.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will be sent some forms to complete and return before your initial consultation. 

New Client Registration Form

This questionnaire is a comprehensive review of all your relevant health information including past and current conditions, medications and supplements as well as any symptoms you are currently experiencing.

This will need to be submitted at least 48 hours before your initial consultation to allow for sufficient preliminary analysis.

Consent Form & Privacy Policy

These forms will provide information on how your data is collected, handled and stored in line with GDPR regulations.

Terms of Engagement Form

This provides an overview of the therapeutic relationship and will outline what you can expect from Xuxa as your Nutritional Therapist and what is expected and required from you as a client.

Food Diary

Along with the health questionnaire in your client registration form, you will be asked to record a 3-day food diary. 

It is imperative that you are as honest as possible when recording your meals over these three days, and that you eat as you would normally and not how you think you ‘should’ be eating. It’s important you include everything you consume and are as specific as you can be with quantities.

Initial Consultation 
60-90 minutes

 During your first consultation we will:

  • Establish your health goals and priorities to ensure that any recommendations made are appropriate and relevant.

  • Go over your full health history - clarifying and elaborating on all health, medical and lifestyle factors, both past and present. We will also discuss familial medical history to help gauge if there are  any elements which may influence your personalised nutrition plan.

  • Go over your completed health questionnaire, expanding on pertinent areas and those related to your current symptoms.

  • Discuss your past and current food and dietary habits and preferences, reviewing your 3-day food diary to ensure that all recommendations are suitable and realistic.

  • Explore your sleep routine, exercise and movement habits, approach to stress management and social life.

Personalised Plan Delivery
30 minutes

After an in-depth assessment of your symptoms, health goals, medical history and preferences, within 48 hours of your initial consultation your personalised health plan will be created. 


In this 30-minute appointment we will:

  • Talk through your completely personalised nutrition plan to ensure you understand fully the changes that have been recommended you make, with detailed explanations on how these changes will impact and support your health goals. 

  • Address any concerns and answer any questions. 

  • Set time frames for more specific dietary recommendations and supplement suggestions. 

Your plan will include: 

  • A personalised nutrition and therapeutic food program for you to follow including recipes.

  • Recommended lifestyle habits to implement (examples include specific forms of exercise, mindfulness and hobbies).

  • Any supplement recommendations which may further support in achieving your goals based on your symptoms.

  • Testing recommendations obtained either through your GP or private companies if relevant.

  • Referral letters to your GP or other health practitioners for additional and more specific support if needed.


*Any recommended supplements and private testing are not included in the consultation price and will be additional costs. Recommendations are entirely optional and any budget you may have for such expenses will always be taken into consideration.

Follow-up Consultation
45 minutes

Follow-up consultations typically take place 6-8 weeks after your initial consultation.

During this review session we will:

  • Reflect on and discuss any progress you have made whilst following your personalised plan - celebrating successful change as well as identifying challenges and working together to find sustainable solutions.

  • Review any recommended supplements and their impact.

  • Discuss test results if relevant.

  • Amend your nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan, taking the above into consideration.

  • Recognise and establish longer-term health goals and the strategies that can be implemented to support you on your continued journey. 

nutritional therapy

“Working with Xuxa definitely gave me the tools I needed to use food to work through some of the challenges my body faces. I have learnt how important it is to have a sufficient fibre intake and how oily fish can be a really beneficial addition to my diet. I feel amazing”

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